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May Fair - Quiz Result

Well first the bad news. Nobody answered all the questions correctly. Strictly speaking this means that no one wins the M&S voucher but the good news is that we're a generous lot in Blackheath so into a hat went the names of those who got only one answer wrong. The first name out was Camilla Gosden of Shalford. Congratulations to her and commiserations to the others. Thank you to everyone who entered. The questions that seem to cause the most difficulties were:

No. 11. A lot of people answered 'Slade'. But the title of their song was "Merry Christmas Everybody".

No. 15. Several people answered 'Barclays'. They sponsor the scheme but don't run it.

No. 23. The question had the word "formal" in it so the answer I was looking for was 'Lighting-up Time'.

No. 40. Although several people got the right answer, I realise the phrasing of this question could have been clearer. A number appeared to overlook the words "Why not?" at the end of the question but perhaps it wasn't obvious that this meant 'Why wasn't the series called '2012'? It was called 'Twenty Twelve' as the BBC were not allowed to call it '2012' because the use of this, along with the five rings and words such as 'Olympics' were legally restricted to official Olympic partners and sponsors. See "The London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Act" passed in 2006. As Peter Sellers first said "Not a lot of people know that".

Nick Morris - 19 May 2014 (Quiz Answers)

Villagers Pub Asset of Community Value Nomination

Further to the Blackheath Village Society Meeting held on Tuesday 5 February 2013 Paul Brodie has been provided with the authority to send the this letter to Waverley Borough Council:

Letter to Waverley Borough Council

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