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Blackheath Village Society Minutes 28th February 2024

Minutes of the Meeting Held at Aston Cottage on Thursday 28th February 2024
Present: Paul, Simon, Ranald, Laura, Max and Anne
Apologies: David and Ralph

1. The minutes of the last meeting were agreed with the following matters arising:
a) Paul has not received any monies from the donations after the Boxing Day walk or at
the Christmas party. He will advise the Committee of the amounts raised once this has
been received and appropriately banked.

b) Anne confirmed that the monies paid to the Scouts for their assistance at the May Day
Fair have now been cashed.

2. Village Fair - Monday 6th May 2024
Laura provided an update of the actions and bookings for this year's events. Everything
is progressing with speed and enthusiasm and another meeting has been arranged by
the May Day Fair Committee for the 14th March 2024.

The main sponsor will be House Partnership, but the amount is still to be agreed and
Paul will contact Liz as the deadline for the Parish Magazine is the 4th March 2024.
Paul will also follow up on Barnett Hill to ask whether they will again contribute prizes for
the raffle or assist with the BBQ.
It was suggested that a gift (perhaps whiskey) would be presented to both Paul Cope
and Colin Hayward for starting the fair fifty years ago.
Laura will also organise a stall holding meeting on Wednesday 17th April at 7 pm in the
Village Hall - Simon will check that the Village Hall is available.

3. The Villagers (Volunteer) Pub
Paul provided an update of the present activities of the BVS Pub Sub Committee. It was
suggested that a follow-up email to the residents would be distributed as the present
planning application for change of use has now been called in by our Borough Councillor
and will be decided by a full planning Committee during the latter part of April 2024.

4. Village Website
There was nothing to report on the website and we are grateful that Charlie continues to
administer the activities and updates on the website, as requested.

5. Blackheath Woodland
It has been confirmed by David Olliver (our Countryside Ranger at Waverley Borough
Council) that he has contacted Mr Alford at Waverley Borough Council to investigate the
removal of the remaining white van.
Simon will write to Rares to ask him about his intentions regarding the possibility of
selling the land to the residents of Blackheath.

6. Flooding and Verge Repairs
A working party was organised for Saturday 24th February, and we would like to thank
Max, Simon, Colin, Ranald, Oscar, Steve and Charlie for their help in carrying out the
work. This included opening up culverts along Blackheath Lane which proved to be very
successful, and some remedial work was still required to a collapsed drain.
Max has spoken to Waverley Borough Council, and they will keep the ditches clear and
re-clear the drainage at the bottom of the village. Local residents are responsible to keep
the culverts clear outside their homes.

7. Blackheath Common
It was agreed that we should have a conversation with James Herbert and offer any help
and assistance that he may need from the BVS in connection to the Common Land and
Blackheath Common in general.

8. Wonersh Parish Council
Max confirmed that the planning at the Seminary in Shamley Green has been approved
for the completion of flats and homes. Wonersh Parish Council has requested the ability
to purchase a small area of land to build affordable homes once the development has
been completed.

9. Village Hall
Laura has spoken to Graham Hayward, the chairman of the Village Hall Committee. He
has requested that Laura attends the Committee meeting on Wednesday 6th March
2024 so that a motion can be forwarded to the Committee for the minutes of their
meetings to be distributed to the Blackheath Village Society. This will avoid future
requirements to attend their meetings and keep us in touch with any activities at the
Village Hall.

10. Cricket Club
Simon confirmed that various activities were going ahead at the cricket club.
a) Stringfever Concert on Saturday 2nd March 2024
b) Presidents Cricket Club event on 8th March 2024
Games will commence mid-April 2024, and working parties have been well attended over
the winter period. Ranald enquired whether the electricity supply could be upgraded to 3
phase power and Paul will see where the power enters Heath House.

11. Any Other Business
a) The AGM has been arranged for Thursday 20th June 2024 - Simon will book the
Village Hall accordingly.
b) Laura will update the Trustees of the BVS to include Ranald, delete Peter Herbert, and
update her surname.

12. Next Meeting
This will be held on Monday 22nd April 2024 at Theobalds (with David’s approval) for
7.30 pm.

Alternatively, at Darbyns Brook if Theobalds is unavailable.
Blackheath Village Society
Tel: 01483 790000 Mob: 07768850003 Email:

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