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Parish Council 

Member of Parliament (Guildford): Angela Richardson                           


Member of Parliament (Surrey Heath): Michael Gove                      

Member of Parliament (South West Surrey): Jeremy Hunt         

Surrey County Councillor (Guildford & Villages): Fiona Davidson

Waverley Borough Councillor: Michael Goodridge


Wonersh Parish Co-ordinator (Blackheath Ward): Max Gibbs   

Screenshot 2022-08-11 at 15.23.07.png

Max Gibbs

Wonersh Parish Co-ordinator

(Blackheath Ward)

Of the four levels of Government (National, County, Borough and Parish) the Parish Councils deal with the concerns of the immediate community.

The Wonersh Parish Council deals with issues connected with residential and non-residential planning applications, roads, traffic, land and buildings owned by the Parish. There is also representation on various local organisations, which includes the Surrey Heathland



Project and the Surrey Hills Speed Management and Signage Project.

Wonersh Parish Council is a non-political organisation and Parish Councillors are not paid for their work or services.

Please note that houses north of the top car park lie within the Parish of St Martha's and are represented by a different Parish Councillor.

The Clerk for St Martha's Parish Council is Anne Tait and if you want to contact her email

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