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Questions and Answers

What is the purpose of the BVS? What does it do and not do?

The BVS is here to promote the village and activities that support the life of the community.  The BVS is supporting the residents in the village in creating a community for all and promoting the village and its assets. 

It is not a commercial enterprise, it is not here for the resolution of individual neighbourly issues or taking decisions on planning. 

Please also view the Aims and Objectives page

What happens if I lose my dog on the heath? 

To notify local villagers please send an email with details of the dog to and they will send a wider notification.

How do we clean the culverts / pipes / ditches along the road and under our drives? 

The responsibility for the culverts/pipes lays with the resident who's drive runs above it, if you are unable to clear them yourself for whatever reason, then the BVS have access to some cleaning rods. If you physically need help to clear the culverts then please contact the BVS and they will aid you. Link to Ditches & Culverts Page

The Ditches themselves Wonersh Parish Council are prepared to clean periodically, but if there is an obvious blockage and are able to clear them yourself quickly, it would be greatly appreciated.

What if I have questions on the management of the heath? 

Contact the ranger, Lucie, at for questions on the Heath

If I have photos from a Blackheath event, how can I put them on the Blackheath Flickr photo Album?

If you have photos from a Blackheath event you may want to share please send them to or

Why are there no dog poo bins? 

There used to be, but they were not regularly emptied.  Please take your dog poo home with you. Please do not deposit dog poo bags in residential or cricket club bins. 

How can villagers who cannot access the website get community updates?

Please email or contact a member of the BVS in person who will help. 

Who owns the strip of the land at the start of the village on Blackheath Lane between the road and the woods? 

This Common Land as well as Blackheath Common and the verges in the village are owned by the family of the late Hon Peter Herbert. Waverley Borough Council is responsible for the management and upkeep under the terms of a Lease Agreement


Please refer to the Common land page to see a defination of what is meant by common land.

What if I don't have access to a computer to buy tickets online?

More than likely you will be able to give cash to a committee member at the event. But registration is preferable so please join your village community.

What do i do if i see or smell fire on the Heath? 

Call 999 and give the details.

How can I hire the Village Hall?

Booking enquiries can be made to the letting secretary Jane Hayward on 01483 898365. To See a list of the halls letting charges please click here.

Reporting Pot Holes, Flooding and other highway issues ? 

Please visit and repot on Surry County Councils website here : 

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