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Neighbourhood Watch

We are generally fortunate to experience a low crime rate in Blackheath but with several burglaries over the summer, discussions are ongoing with Surrey Police as to what further steps we can take. 

A Neighbourhood Watch Scheme provides local residents with an opportunity to share crime prevention advice and activities, keeping an eye on each others property, improving home security and building two way communications with the local Police.

Neighbourhood Watch Schemes have proved successful throughout the country and are all making a positive contribution to crime prevention and community safety. Membership can also lead to discounts on your home insurance and the opportunity to arrange discounts at local security stores.

An active Neighbourhood Watch Scheme is important to Blackheath and the local community because we have many outside visitors coming to the Heath. There are many different ways in which the scheme can help our village and to tackle problems. Street Watch is a generic term used to describe a variety of activities which local people undertake. For example to keep an eye open for speeding cars or children playing in areas of potential danger.

Local police contact

Jason Clifford
Farnham Police Station
2-5 Longbridge Farnham,
Phone: 01483 631623

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