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Bus Timetable

We believe it is essential that this facility is maintained for at least two days per week in order that residents can access the following:  


Shopping facilities / Hospital / Health facilities / Transport connections for bus and train / Local markets / Council facilities including / Guildford Library / Schools / Colleges


This facility is essential for the elderly and is the only direct link to Guildford for those without cars.

There is also a new facility as of September 2023 called Surrey Connect. An electric bus service that is available to book via the Surrey Connect website or App, which will take you throughout the Cranleigh area.


Imagine it a bit like a taxi you book, but instead of a taxi turning up a bus turns up. Everyone on board having booked and the bus using technology to pre plan the best route to pick up and drop off your fellow travellers.  I have booked via the website which did work,  but the with Surrey connect App I didn't have much luck. You'll need to book a bare minimum of thirty minutes before. But also anything up to a few days before is also possible. 

For more comprehensive information press below to visit the Surrey County Council website:

To Guildford / Route 545

WEDNESDAYS only (Route 545 - Run by Carlone Buses)​

Blackheath Village Hall: 10.11am to Guildford bus station arriving 10.30am (approaches the village from Chilworth)
Guildford Bus station: 12.45 to Blackheath Village Hall arriving 13.03 (approaches the village from Wonersh)

FRIDAYS only (Route 599 - Run by Carlone Buses)

Blackheath Village Hall 10.23am to Guildford bus station arriving 10.40am (approaches the village from Wonersh)
Guildford bus station: 12.45 to Blackheath Village Hall arriving at 13.01 (approaches the village from Chilworth)

For the full lists of stops for these services please see the link below

To, and anywhere around Cranleigh

When: Whenever you want.


How: You need to register via the App or the Website


1) Download the App on Apple or Android phone, type 'Surrey Connect' to find the App


2) Via the Surrey Connect Website

3) Follow instructions on your device or webpage

Cost (one way) :

  • Under 5 miles: £2

  • 5 to 7 miles: £4

  • 7 to 10 miles: £6

  • 10 to 12 miles: £8

  • 12 to 15 miles: £10

  • Over 15 miles: £15

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