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St. Martins Church

Vicar: David Peters

Blackheath Church Warden: Patricia Allen


Sir William Roberts-Austen purchased a cottage in 1890 to use as a chapel for the village; this is now the vestry to the present church. In 1892 he commissioned Townsend to build a church for the village; this cost £600 and was dedicated on 23rd July 1893. 

A Mr Prescott, a great friend of of Roberts-Austen, at the same time paid for the construction of a Village Hall, and this was completed in January 1897, in time for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee! The church was an original design of Townsend's based upon an Italian wayside chapel, and it was named after St Martin's Canterbury. Mr Prescott also paid for the Cemetery Chapel to be built. 

In the 1890's Roberts-Austen constructed the 'Village Pump' near the crossroads since the village had no water supply at that time. The pump was housed under a most attractive circular tiled building, another of Townsend's designs. Alas this landmark disappeared in the 1930's!

Working to Strengthen the Community through prayer and in practical ways; for instance there is the Blackheath section in the Parish Magazine which goes to every house in the Village.

Pastoral Care
The pastoral team of the Parish (which includes the clergy, pastoral assistants and others) are available to offer care and support through difficult times.

Baptisms, Weddings & Funerals
The Church is committed to the support and encouragement of family life and Christian Marriage and also offers careful preparation for Baptism and Marriage. We provide care and support in bereavement.

Finding a Spiritual Home
Our deepest hope is that St Martin's Church will become for you a spiritual home where your knowledge and love of God can grow deeper.

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