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The aim of the Enhancement Project is to set guidelines for the management of Blackheath village.

The area covered by the project can be roughly defined as the areas which helps give the village its attractive rural character. It includes the verges running through Blackheath Lane, up to the village sign on Littleford Lane and along Sample Oak Lane up to the junction with the Downs Link, as well as the private road to Aston House and the Downs Link to Tangley Way. A margin of common land directly around the footprint of the main part of the village has also been included, as has the cricket pitch.

Over the years much of the management has been concentrated on the heath and it was felt that there were issues that needed to be addressed at the heart of the village. Many of these problems are complicated by the fact that no one authority or individual is responsible for the solution. Whilst the enhancement project may not be able to solve all the problems, it does enable funding to become available for the first time and can be a basis from which work can continue over successive years.

As a result of the survey, carried out by volunteers from the village, the following broad principles were identified:

  • Protect the common land and its historic common pattern

  • Protect the rural character of Blackheath village

  • Conserve and enhance the distinct landscape character of Blackheath village

  • Protect and enhance key views

  • Protect verges and address flooding problems

  • Prevent proliferation of access tracks

  • Prevent and reduce visual impact of signs and street furniture

  • Provide for formal and informal public recreation and community events

From the principles set out above various proposed works have been identified, including the following (for the full list, please refer to the Summary of Works)​


1. Address ‘flooding’ problems:

    Maintain ditches and pipes under access tracks
    Replace damaged pipes/ increase diameter of pipes where necessary Maintain ‘run offs’ to minimise volume of road surface water

2. Prevent further loss of verges from erosion
    Erect posts where appropriate
    Investigate sympathetic material for defining edge of verges Reinstate badly eroded verges
    Replace damaged revetment near Lynes Farm

3. Maintain signs and ‘furniture’
    Re-erect damaged signs as soon as possible Maintain benches and signs
    Remove redundant hydrants

Your village needs you!

Some of the work proposed as a result of the project will be undertaken by contractors but much of it will be easily achievable by volunteers. The village has a thriving volunteer working party that has done tremendous work over the last few years. Some even manage to enjoy themselves!

Over the coming months and dare I say years, volunteer help will be necessary to carry out some of the work and also to help keep things in good order. Please keep an eye out for the tasks and help do your bit for your village.

If you have any queries please contact Sarah Henderson on 01483 423081 or

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