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Blackheath Heath Volunteer Help (click for dates)

Our next session is Wednesday 11th January 2023, starting at 10am. We will be working in the area by Littleford lane car park, pulling Pine/Birch and thinning the Gorse. As always, I will bring all necessary tools and equipment along with tea/coffee and biscuits.

The dates for the rest of January and February will be as follows.

Friday 27th January

Wednesday 8th February

Wednesday 22nd February

Hope to see you all there and look forward to catching up after the Christmas break.

Best wishes,

Lucie Poole Countryside Ranger Waverley Borough Council Parks & Countryside Service Tel: 01483 523002 If I am not available and you need assistance before my return please contact the Parks & Countryside service on 01483 523394 or email parks&

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